Microgaming’s novelty game will send Jack and Jill spinning around repeatedly. This slot machine from the Rhyming Reels collection uses a saucy way to tell the old nursery rhyme. It has a five-reel slot structure with 20 paylines. This game offers a good number of spins that will pay out. If you fill up three pails with water, you can get free spins for up to $880,800.

Jack and Jill went up the hill…

Ahhh, Jack & Jill. The nursery rhyme has defined many childhoods. This slot machine was available just now. This is because you may think about the innocent nursery rhyme differently after playing the game and its adult-oriented approach to the storyline. Jack and Jill are not two children on a jolly journey to fetch water in this game. Instead, two mature adults are trying to get up to the water well. Jack is shown in one of the symbols of the game tripping over his pants, which are now at his ankles. Jill, on her part, appears to be undressed. Jack, you’re doing a great job.

This slot machine features smooth animations triggered when the winning combination of character symbols is formed. The visuals, however, are rather ordinary. They use traditional cartoon images to portray the action. This, I must admit, makes the steamy scenes seem jarring.

Get 15 Free Spins to Tumble the Reels

Jack and Jill have special symbols to help you get the most out of your slot machine. The logo of the game is a symbol that represents a wild. Like any other wild icon, this will act as another game symbol to complete winning lines. This wild will, however, double your wins, unlike most other wilds.

The wild icon cannot replace one particular symbol. The pail of iced water represents the scatter symbol. This is because the scatter symbol does not adhere to any lines. If you find five scattered across the reels, the highest jackpot is awarded, 10,000x your total bet.

If players find three, five, or four symbols, they will acquire 15 free spins with a multiplier of 4x. This means there’s a high chance of some big wins, up to 880.800 coins.

Let’s Get it On.

The only way to win is by matching symbols along the paylines. The multiplier value shown in the “View Pays menu” will be applied to the bet amount placed on the winning lines. Spinners can activate all 20 paylines or reduce this number to a single line that runs through the middle reels. The number of coins per line is determined by selecting a coin size. There are four options: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, and 0.10.

Jack is the highest-paying symbol. Five will award a multiplier worth 15,000x, while Jill can pay up to 10000x. If these two lovebirds appear together on a payline, they will offer a multiplier of up to 7,000x.

The highest payout on the excellent symbol is 5 000x, while the scandalous picture of Jack and Jill not quite getting on is worth 4000x. Five first aid kits offer 2,000x. Only generic card values like A, K, Q, J, and 10 remain. These symbols will give you more wins than others but are at a lesser premium. Five-in-a-line payouts range from 600x up to 200x. These are still some generous payouts for a 20-payline slot machine.

The Old Classic Reimagined

Microgaming’s Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill slot has some exciting betting action. There are no substantial bonus features and even no gambling game. Free spins that quadruple your wins are always an attractive proposition. To put it mildly, this game’s theme is strange. Slot machines that use spice and sauciness to attract punters are fine. The same goes for a game that appeals to childhood memories. Something is unsettling about a slot that combines these two elements. You can play the slot machine for free!

Jack in the Box Slot Machine

Some slot games do not have a specific theme or universe. They stick with a simple and often quirky theme.

Jack in the Box is a perfect example of that. This Microgaming slot machine game is based on a vintage-style slot game with a jack-in-the-box as the main character. The rest of this game is essential and follows all the usual rules.

Take a look at Jack in The Box. We’ll review all the details that any ambitious player needs to know to win the jackpot.

Classic Casino Game

Jack in the Box, a video game based on another game, does not have a powerful backstory to draw inspiration from.

The game’s background is uniformly dark green, reminiscent of a gaming mat. The paytable and reels occupy most of the available space, while the game logo and command bar are at the bottom.

The graphic style of Jack in the Box is simple and classic, with few details to be seen by players. In the next section, we’ll focus on the game’s gameplay and determine its characteristics.

Open the Box and find a treasure.

Jack in the Box has a retro feel to it. It only takes one glance to see this. The commands are, therefore, straightforward.

You only need three reels, one payline, and a center reel to start. Jack in the Box is no different. Cash prizes are triggered by winning combinations of symbols that land on the payline. Use the command bar beneath the reels to adjust the coin values and number of coins that you wish to wager on the next spin. You can select to bet one or two coins, highlighting a different paytable section.

Try the Bet Max button for more options. You can place the largest bet in one click. This is a bold move for players looking to win more money. You should also speed up the game by turning on the auto spin feature. The reels will spin automatically, and you only have to sit back and hope for the best.

Concentrate on Winning Combinations

In the paytable, Jack in the Box lists all possible winning combinations. Keep an eye on the paytable as you play to see what rewards you’re entitled to.

The list of symbols includes:

  • Cherries.
  • Bar signs in single, double, and triple sizes.
  • A mystery box with sevens.

The most common endearing combination consists of three identical icons. On a two-coin wager, the highest value is 200 times your bet. You can also mix cherries with other symbols to win a small prize. Bar signs can also be combined with other characters to trigger a small cash prize.

Reels of Surprises: The Final Surprises

The last reel symbol we will introduce is the jack-in-the Box. It behaves differently than all the other symbols we have used.

This symbol is worth up to 5,000x your bet. That should be enough to change the game to your advantage in just a few seconds and fill your wallet.

The wild card is the Jack in the Box. It can create more winning combinations as it will replace all other symbols. A combination that contains one wild will have its value doubled or quadrupled in the case of two wilds.

The Retro Slot Game as a Textbook Example

Jack in the Box does not offer anything particularly original. It offers some big wins but nothing exceptional compared to other similar games.

Jack in the Box is an excellent introduction to the basics of slot games.