Blackjack is very famous card game which is played in online casinos. It also has a wide range like poker.This is a game with a long history.Blackjack is very easy to learn.It lowers the barriers to the entry for beginners.Casinos makes money from the people who really want to learn this game.The best thing about blackjack is a person can win regularly if a good blackjack strategy is used.With the perfect strategies a good amount of money can be win.Certain casino games have a variety of bets you can wager on and each of these bets offer you certain odds but blackjack don’t provide many betting options. You place your bet before hand and play the game. If the outcome is in your favour,you win the game.

The game of Lucky Blackjack consists basically in that the result must be guessed by the player, once the dealer presents the hand as he usually does. Actually, it is not a variant of traditional blackjack since you will not receive a hand from the dealer to the player. In this sense, there is no comparison between the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand as it is in other variants of blackjack. The Lucky Blackjack is found in all the online casinos the Playtech because it has been developed by this.

To play Lucky Blackjack the value of the cards is exactly equal to the value of the blackjack, in this way the hand is played by adding the values ​​corresponding to the value of each card. To make the bet each player can select the card what he wants and place it within the 7 bet areas as many times as he wants. Another way is that the values ​​of the 5 hands that finish in 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, make the bet before the dealer. Likewise, if the dealer takes a blackjack or bust, he can also make the bet. Thus, if the player likes it, he can make different bets with different denominations.

Like the other lucky online casino games, share button is pressed once the player makes the bet. The results are predetermined based on the Playtech system and will be responsible for the distribution of the cards for lucky blackjack. Once the cards are received there are two options, as to the value of the hand in the case of the dealer will get 2 cards first and must verify that the value of the hand is less than 17, if so then another card must be stolen.

In the meantime, the merchant will receive as many letters as necessary until obtaining a value of 17 or more from the hand as many as is less than 17, there will be no room for bets. In this sense, the dealer must be aware that the total is not less than 17. Otherwise, that is, the total is greater than 21, and then the hand on the part of the dealer will go bankrupt. Also, blackjack can be drawn by the dealer with only two cards.

For payments, a table of results is always established, there it must be verified if the bet that the player made was linked to the real result to obtain the payment and all the other players who bet will lose. To obtain a winning blackjack bet the result must be from 19 to 1. If a result of Bust is obtained, the payment will be from 2 to 1. The payments will depend on the result of the hand and will be estimated in the following way:

  • 12 to 1 bet of 21.
  • 4 a1 bet is 20.
  • 6 to 1 bet of 19 and 18.
  • 5 to 1 bet of 17.

In the case of the game of Lucky blackjack, one strategy to use is to avoid the edges of the house, these usually are not identical, and therefore the player must be attentive to both the low and high edges of the house. So that the payment is of 5 to 2 the player must know that the probability of bankruptcy is of 28% of the merchant. That is why the least likely bet in Lucky Blackjack is the one that results in a payment of 2 to 1; the biggest advantage will be the house.

The real strategy for a Lucky Blackjack player should be around betting that the hand has a value between 18, 19, 21, Blackjack to have a better chance of winning. In most of the Lucky Blackjack games, the stakes represent around 5% of the house edge; motivated to this are the hands less attractive for bets. A clear example of the game is through the computer game simulators of the Lucky Blackjack game, detailing some elements that will allow you to create your own online casino gaming strategy.